Ottawa County Horse 4-H 


About Us

We are a group of volunteers made up of 4-H leaders and parents with a common interest of helping youth.

Purpose of Website

The purpose of this website is to keep everyone involved in Ottawa County's Horse 4-H program informed of horse 4-H events going on in the county.


What's New for 2017...

2017 Dressage (2015 Patterns):

Berlin: Training Level Test 1

Holland: Training Level Test 2

Hudsonville: Training Level Test 3

Reining & English/Western Riding:

Berlin: 4-H Reining Pattern #2

Holland: English/Western Riding

Hudsonville: 4-H Reining Pattern #1



Kim Rutledge & Taylor Cunningham-Kieft



Mike Elliott



Shawn Frisbie & Gayle Ledwidge



Ottawa County & State Wide 4-H Events...

Dates To Remember:

November 1 - Enrollment Forms Due


February 3-4  - 4-H Horse Judging Workshop,

     MQHA/4-H Clinic Weekend & MQHA Tack Sale

                   all at MSU


February 17-18 - Vet Science Workshop at Kettunen                                        Center


February 26-28 - Teen & Adult Horse Leaders' Workshop                                at Kettunen Center


March 4 - Allendale Tack Sale

March 8 - 4-H Winter Clinic in the main conference room

March 26 - Judging Contest at MSU

April 8  - Nora Agnew Memorial Hairy Horse Show/Clinic                       at MSU

April 17 - Spring Update meeting in the Board Room

April 22 - 4-H Hippology, Horse Bowl and Communication                      Contest at MSU

April 24  - 4-H Spring Clinic (location TBD)

May 1 - Horse ID Cards Due & State Show Application Due


June 3  - Leaders Show at Berlin Fairgrounds


June 21-23  - Exploration Days at MSU  

June 23  - Berlin Fair 4-H Horse Show


June 23-25  - State Trail Ride at D Bar D Ranch

July 26 - Ottawa County Fair 4-H Horse Show

August 11-13 - 4-H State Horse Show

August 23 - Hudsonville Fair 4-H Horse Show


Documents...    (For Documents not found on this page please click HERE.)

Ottawa County Rule Book.pdf Ottawa County Rule Book.pdf
Size : 508.179 Kb
Type : pdf
Notebook Requirements.pdf Notebook Requirements.pdf
Size : 85.354 Kb
Type : pdf
Horse ID Cards.pdf Horse ID Cards.pdf
Size : 33.664 Kb
Type : pdf

Please print ID Cards on Card Stock if available.

Fund Raiser Application.pdf Fund Raiser Application.pdf
Size : 45.865 Kb
Type : pdf
Reining Pattern 1.pdf Reining Pattern 1.pdf
Size : 191.187 Kb
Type : pdf
Reining Pattern 2.pdf Reining Pattern 2.pdf
Size : 135.697 Kb
Type : pdf
Berlin Equine Activity Waiver.pdf Berlin Equine Activity Waiver.pdf
Size : 37.528 Kb
Type : pdf
Medical_Media_Release.pdf Medical_Media_Release.pdf
Size : 30.574 Kb
Type : pdf
Training Level Test 1.pdf Training Level Test 1.pdf
Size : 79.123 Kb
Type : pdf
Training Level Test 2.pdf Training Level Test 2.pdf
Size : 80.755 Kb
Type : pdf
Training Level Test 3.pdf Training Level Test 3.pdf
Size : 80.245 Kb
Type : pdf
English Western Riding.pdf English Western Riding.pdf
Size : 52.48 Kb
Type : pdf


"I like 4-H'ers because they are dedicated to excellence; they want to do things better... Next thing I like about them is their examples to other young people. they lead us to greater dedication to our country. They are, by their work, indeed, making this country a better one... As long as we have young people of these characteristics, devoted with their hearts and their heads and their hands and their health to doing these things, America cannot be anything but successful." President Dwight D. Eisenhower, at the 1959 dedication of the National 4-H Center.

"You know, if every kid in the inner cities in this country belonged to 4-H, we wouldn't have much of a crime problem..." - President Bill Clinton at Montana State University, May 31, 1995.

 The 4-H Pledge 

I pledge 
My Head to clearer thinking, 
My Heart to greater loyalty, 
My Hands to larger service, 
And my Health to better living, 
For my Club, 
My Community, 
My County
 And my World.

 The 4-H Motto

"To Make The Best Better."
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